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Sheler Corporation is a full-service machine shop .We Manufacture, Modify, Design, Re-Design, and repair Induction Heat Treat Tooling for a wide variety of clients.

What makes us different?  Our Core competence with three generations we've pursued education and technology in manufacturing perfection with Quality, Service, Delivery, and Competitive Pricing.  Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of Technology in the Manufacturing Industry by providing a machine shop facility with some of the finest manufacturing equipment in the world.  In fact, Sheler Corporation, specializes in New-Design and New-Prototype Design.  If you have specific items that you need manufactured to your print, designed to your specs, or repaired, bring them to us!  Take a closer look at some of the in-house capabilities that we perform:

  • Scan Coils
  • M.I.Q. Coils
  • Forging & Billet Coils
  • Tempering & Hardening Coils
  • Crank, Brazing, Annealing, Reactor, and Bonding Coils
  • Transformers
  • Flux Intensifiers and Laminations
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Preventative Maintenance 


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Induction Heating Tools 

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