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Our staff of certified, highly-trained Tool Builders are ready and equipped to take on any job task you have! Come and see for yourself. When you send  your induction tooling to us for maintenance or repair, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity.

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Induction Heating Tools 

As the metropolitan Detroit's go-to manufacturing facility, Sheler Corporation is located in the heart of Sterling Heights, MI. We are fully equipped and capable of performing a variety of Induction Heat Treat Tooling services.

Sheler Corporation offers the option of either building to your "print" or engineering a "New" Design or "Re-Design" from your part's specifications.  We also offer a variety of "flux intensifiers" as well as ceramic coating targeted to your specific Coil applications.  We have the capability, the experience and the know-how to solve even your most complex Induction Heat-Treat Tooling problems. And we stand behind the services we offer by guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We look forward to servicing your Induction Heat Treat Tooling needs. Call us today for a phone consultation at 586-979-8562 or email us